Serbia mining: Copper company Bor annual revenue 400M USD

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Mining Smelter copper company Bor achieves 340 to 400 million dollars in revenue annually, and for raw materials, for the same period, it spends 25 MEUR, said the general manager of that company Blagoje Spaskovski.

According to him, large amount of money is allocated for the steel purchase, and Bor bought up the products specifically from IK Guca worth about two million dollars per month for balls, bars and castings for crushers.
Annual consumption of these raw materials, he points out, is about 25 MEUR.

MSB Bor will end positively this business year, stressed Spaskovski, without specifying how much it is.
Due to problems with the recent weather conditions in Bor, the company suffered huge losses because, as the director added, only daily company income is from 1.3 to 1.5 million dollars. Spaskovski says that Bor sustained major damage due to heavy rains this summer.
“We did not have them in the cities and municipalities of the region, but the mines were under water, it is the reason why the plant lost 2.5 thousand tons of copper”, he said.

Otherwise, the company employs 5270 workers, and six MEUR amounts their gross monthly salary.
Spaskovski announced receiving of 150 new employees in this company in 2015th, saying that the plant lacks lawyers, economists, electrical and mechanical engineers and good handymen.

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