Serbia mining: Copper company Bor produced 30 tons of copper from the wastewater

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Mining Smelter Basin (RTB) “Bor “, which from the beginning of the year has introduced a new process of copper removing from the wastewater “Electrolysis”, managed to produce 30 tons of metal by mid-August. Without this waste waters “decopperization “, all that copper could be found in the streams.

-It is a development that has been introduced this year in the electrolysis process. Wastewater treatment reduces the copper concentration in it, in order not to be wasted as we did before – told Dalibor Nikolic, plant manager of the “Electrolysis RTB Bor”.

According to him, in that electrolyte process are used in old lead cells.

-Earlier we dropped irrevocably the waste waters with copper content of eight grams per liter, and now for some 12 to 15 hours of cells work per day, we reduce the concentration on one gram, and after that remove them. In this way, we get more than 30 tons of copper – Nikolic says.

He adds that this wastewater treatment is not only economically, but also environmentally important because the nature and water flows are much less polluted.

From the plant “Electrolysis” comes out 600 cubic meters of water per month.

Thanks to the electronic flow meter, water discharge from the plant is controlled also with accurate information on its quality, which is important considering the fact that in the future it will go into a new facility for the wastewater treatment from the new smelter and sulfuric acid plant to which will join also this from ” Electrolysis “, say in the RTB ” Bor”.

Source; Serbia Energy mining desk

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