Serbia mining: Copper company Bor reports stable copper production in febr 2016

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The new smelter and sulfuric acid plant RTB Bor is processing 1,200 tons of concentrate and producing 230 tons of anode copper on daily average in February

“By comparison, last month an average of 890 tons of concentrate per day was proccessed, but production did not exceed 170 tons of anodes and 880 tons of sulfuric acid,” says Director General of RTB Bor Blagoje Spaskovski.

He added that this month they reached 100 per cent time utilization of the smelter, so yesterday they produced 263 tons of anode copper and a thousand tons of sulfuric acid.

According to him, this means that the new pyro-metallurgical aggregates have achieved and reached the designed capacity.

“All deficiencies in the operation are completely eliminated, so the emissions of sulfur dioxide are far below the permissible limits,” said Spaskovski.

Construction of new smelter and sulfuric acid factory in Bor was ended on December 23, 2014 and it cost 251 million euro, transmits

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