Serbia mining: Copper company project of new foundry and sulfur acid factory

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Despite obstacles in construction of the new foundry and Sulfur Acid Factory, works on these projects are being accelerated and they are expected to be completely completed during the next year- stated Blagoje Spaskovski Managing Director of Bor’s Copper Combine

According to the Spaskovski’s words, there is no foundry in the whole world which is constructed for less than five years and Mining and Smelting Basin Bor begin to do project and terrain business simultaneously while facility is working. “There were some obstacles, but we are working perfectly at the moment and I am convinced that we will push the button during the next year and launch the new foundry and Sulfur Acid Company. It is true that Sulfur Acid Company can start working earlier, but it would ask for couple of million EUR higher investments.

Therefore we gave up from it and the both facilities will launch work at the same time. There is 300 workers on construction yard at the moment, and there will be a hundred more these days”, Managing Director of MSB Bor stressed and added that electric lines and racks’ settlement will begin soon. He announced that the tenders for Slag Flotation and the Water Purification Factory will be announced soon. Spaskovski said that he expect the production of cathode copper will achieve 40 thousand tons this year and that it will be 55 to 60 thousand tons next year.

Source; Serbia Energy/RTB