Serbia mining: Copper mine Bor marks increased production in 1Q/2014

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Copper company Bor announced that for the first five months in 2014 the production of copper was above the projected plans. Surface mine Veliki Krivelj produced more copper raw material and less surface layers than planed.
The amount of copper was exceeded for 850 tons but the production on the surface layers was less. Despite the enormous rains and floods in may production was stable.

Thanks to the better content of copper in the produced material the surface mine managed to deliver to flotation facility 2.253 tons of copper instead of planed 2.043 tons. Because of the heavy rains the surface layers production was decreased.

For five months results were exceeded. Instead of planed 4,26 tons of raw material mine produced 4,287tons, with 10.990 tons of copper. The future plan is to increase surface layers production in order to uncover the copper raw materal layers which will grant assets for new investments and costs coverage.