Serbia mining: Erection of new excavator in Kolubara mines company, Тhyssеn Кrupp provides engineering support services

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In production halls of “Kolubara Metal” successfully were constructed mechanical parts for new rotor excavator whose montage is in progress on “Tamnava – West Field”, the most productive open mine of Mining Basin “Kolubara”.

In MB “Kolubara”, the biggest EPS company, in progress is investment cycle that includes new equipment for the production process, which will modernize and improve production and working conditions of employees on open pits.

Parts of the tower, which is the hardest part of the excavator and whose weight is approximately 140 tons, were transported from Vreoci to montage site of Tamnava pits, where are done  installation and assembly of this excavator, of the metal giants 25 meters high, with a production capacity of 4,800 cubic meters of solid mass per hour.

Operations on new excavator montage should be completed in May of the next year. It is investment worth 18, 7 million EUR, German company “Тhyssеn Кrupp” delivered basic engineering for electro and mechanical montage, while “Metal” employers works on construction and delivery of completed steel construction. Delivery and transfer of steel construction is done in three phases, and according to the plans, third part of the equipment will be delivered by middle of august.

The complexion and extension of this work, that “Metal” employers do quality and by planned dynamics, is one more confirmation of “Metal” return importance to Mining Basin “Kolubara”, the biggest coal producer in Serbia. Experts from “Metal”, as staff and technically  best equipped metal company in Serbia, by working for MB “Kolubara” and “Serbian Power Utility Company”, are an  important link in the chain of coal and electricity production, and electrical safety maintenance.

Let remind, the initiative to “Kolubara Metal” return to his founder, MB “Kolubara”, was started by the unions and “Kolubara Metal” and MB “Kolubara” managements, and after a few months of joint working with representatives of the EPS and the Ministry of Energy, Development and environment protection, “Metal” once again becomes a branch of MB “Kolubara”. With this move it will be provided security and stability of surface mines and coal production.

Source; Serbia Energy/RBK