Serbia mining: Erection of the bucket wheel excavator for the needs of the open pit mine “tamnava-west field“

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Bucket wheel,the last major steel assembly,has been transported from “Metal” to the erectionyard of the Field Tamnava in Kalenić, in the beginning of April.Completion is expected in mid-July.

It is known that devastating floods in May in the MB „Kolubara“halved the production and brought many problems that should be solved as soon as possible, respectingexpert opinions.

In times of natural disaster, a bright spot in “Kolubara“ was the fact that the erection of BWE 740 L at the mountingsite of the flooded OPM „Tamnava West Field“ in Kalenićwas not endangered. The assembly team from “Kolubara Metal“, the main subcontractor for production and mounting of the steel facility of the German “Thyssen Krupp“ continued with the operation almost uninterrupted.

Month and a half later, the activities on completion of this investment are being finalized and it is expected the new BWE to be transported to the place of operation in min-July.

The last major steel assembly, a part of the BWE 740 L that “Kolubara Metal” produced in its production units is bucket wheel. The vital part of the almost 9m diameter and 22 tons weight has been transported to the erectionyard of the OPM “Tamnava West Field” in Kalenić in early April. The production of about 1260 tons of steel construction of this powerful machine was with it practically finished.

Two years ago, in February, the Contract between “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” and Mining Basin “Kolubara” on one side and German Company “Thyssen Krupp” on the other side was signed. The Contract value is 18.7 million euros, and it is about the purchase of the BWE that is to be used in the OPM “Tamnava West Field” for the needs of coal and interburden exploitation. Two months later, the three parties Contract among “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”, “Thyssen Krupp” and “Kolubara Metal” on the delivery of the equipment and erection of the new excavator of thetype 630was signed.ThisContract was the result of the international Tender announced by “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”. The Company “Kolubara Metal” was then engaged as the main supplier and contractor of the excavator equipment erection that includes 1250 tons of steel equipment. It wasofficially the only work holder in the domain of the complete electrical installation, that was something completely new for this Company. The total weight of the excavator is 1650 tons.

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