Serbia mining, Exploration of boron mineral to be expected soon

18. April 2013. / Mining

Many years’ researches of boron mineral are being finished in mine municipality Boljevci on Ibar. Exploitation of this significant mineral that can replace stone coal can begin next year. Reservoirs are limited and exploitation of this mineral is a good work that many foreign companies are interested for.

The fifth generation of miners mature in mine municipality Boljevac. Existence for around 100 mine families and profit for Serbia are being provided with smaller investments in exploitation of boron mineral and procession to boric acid.

Boron mineral can be good replacement for stone coal which reservoirs are smaller and smaller. Research of this mineral lasts for two and a half decades on locations Piskanja and Pobrdje near Boljevac and Canadian Company “Erin Ventures” is doing it.

Results show that there is more than 7 million tons of reservoirs of this mineral. 2,5 million of Canadian dollars were invested in the research during 2011. Drillings were done on 35 locations and only four more drillings are remaining, as well as creation of an elaborate for technological and economical justification of exploitation what should be completed by the end of this year. The subsidiary of mentioned Canadian Company “Balkan Gold” will be engaged in this work.

Several foreign companies are interested for exploitation of boron mineral and procession of very popular boric acid. Negotiations with Italian “SCL” Company for opening the factory of boric acid are in progress. It is completely certain that exploitation of 30.000 tons of mineral will be launched with Canadian partner during 2013. Excavation of boron mineral on Piskanje site is realistic to begin until 2015 what would represent 200.000 tons a year. This requires new investments in value of 70 million EUR and several companies are already interested because this mineral is very popular in the world. Annual value of import can exceed 50 million EUR with procession to boric acid because a ton of acid on world market costs about a thousand dollars.

Source;Serbia Energy/Agencies

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