Serbia mining; German Kvarcverke successful story in Serbia

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Quartz sand mine “Belorecki pescar” worked in Bor mining company couple of years ago. This company continued to work successfully after it was sold for million EUR to the Company “Jugo kaolin” whose mayor owner became German Company “Kvarcverke” for million EUR .

Million EUR were invested in “Belorecki pescar” during two years or more. 450.000 EUR was invested per sale contract and all other assets are invested in works on the pit. It is necessary to remove big amount of mullock in order to extend a pit, enable an increase dynamics of sand exploitation including separation production.

450.000 EUR was invested only in it and 100.000 EUR more is invested in expansion of exploitation field. Research drilling is in progress. The first phase is over and we will continue in following period- Dragan Markovic, Director of “Belorecki pescar” and “Srbokvarc” says and adds that all 120 workers that were here before privatization still work in “Belorecki pescar”, earnings are paid on daily basis, production increases gradually and new markets are being opened- RTV “Bor” reported.

With the reference to the last year, production is increased by a fifth and it is planned to increase production by 50% next year. If this is achieved, we’ll most probably think of employment of new workers- Markovic stresses.

New equipment from America is provided in order to enable better classification of quartz sand. This made the new product- quartz sand big up to 0,1mm. Such sand has not been used so far and it was set away what was the biggest problem of “Belorecki pescar” because of filling a repository.

Source; Serbia Energy mining desk