Serbia mining: Greens and local communities against Serbia Nickel project

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Serbia Green Party said it condemned the decision of the Ministry of Mining to extend the license for exploration of nickel around Trstenik. They point out that the state must respect the will of the people. In the statement they say that this move directly violates the Aarhus Convention to which Serbia is a signatory, and which guarantees the participation of local governments in environmental decision-making.

“This decision violates the will of the citizens of Trstenik, but also of Aleksandrovac, Krusevac, Vrnjacka Banja, Arandjelovac, Topola and others who do not want the negative effects of the nickel exploitation”, it is added in the statement, reminding that before the decision adoption, Trstenik municipality councilors unanimously approved the decision to ban the exploration and exploitation of minerals in their territory.

The Serbian Greens state that it is the interest of 300.000 people, half of whom work in agriculture, and who will lose their livelihood if the land or mineral water would be destructed.

“The calculation of the benefits and harms of such a project, in addition to economic capital, also must include ecological environment capital and citizens’ health capital. Several hundred jobs that the mine carries with it, cannot make it up”, writes in the statement.

The Serbian Greens believe that the Serbian government is obliged to respect the will of the local government and the citizens who elected them as their representatives.

“The Serbian Greens agree that the nickel ore is valuable, but consider that it is necessary to preserve it for future generations who will be able to use it in a way that will not harm the environment and other natural resources, which are certainly more important”, say the Greens of Serbia in the statement.

Source: Serbia Energy

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