Serbia mining: How to drain lakes in “Kolubara”coal pit mines and restart coal production

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“Energoprojekt” analyzes what is the most effective way to pump water from two lakes that have been formed at the Kolubara mines after a catastrophic flood.

That company prepares to participate in the reconstruction and construction of damaged buildings and infrastructure, without the profit calculating on these transactions.

“Our engineers from “Energoprojekt engineering “, together with the pump manufacturers test the most optimal possibilities. I think that EPS will soon initiate that proposals of domesticand possibly of foreign companies be considered, given that nowthe most important thing for us is to come up with a solution for the Serbiaenergy system and find the way in which we will pump water from the Kolubara minesas soon as possible”,said General Director of “Energoprojekt “Vladimir Milovanovic.

According to Milovanovic, it is clear that “Energoprojekt” will include the reconstruction of buildings and infrastructurein the coming period, which was damaged in the recent floods, just waiting for compliance of the prioritiesplan and projects that need to be implemented.

“We are ready to contribute to these projects in the field of business-level cover our costs, without calculating any possible profits or earnings. I think this is the minimum necessary and that with that attitude and all the other companies who can help should be involved in the reconstruction of the flooded areas, “said Milovanovic.
At the Mining Basin Kolubara were flooded two large open pit coal mines – “Veliki Crljeni” and “Tamnava West Field”.

The waterpumping from the mine “Veliki Crljeni” is underway, with seven stations owned by that company. The water level is lowered by some thirty centimeters and the completion of this job and putting the mine back into operation is expected for several months.

When it comes to pumping out water from the mine “Tamnava West Field”, which after the flood virtually became an artificial lake with about 200 million cubic meters of water, as pointed out in Kolubara, still there is no news and it has been working on finding the high-capacity pumps for water pumping.

From Kolubara, despite the fact that two open pit mines were flooded, the mine “D” produces coal for the thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla” near Belgrade, and the coalsupply for this thermal power plant has increased from 20,000 tons to 45,000 tons per dayat the end of this week.

At this time of year it is common that 40,000 to 60,000 tons of coalcomes fromKolubarabasinto thermal power plants.