Serbia mining: Kolubara mines company completes overhaul season and prepares for winter production

5. August 2013. / Mining

All operations within overhaul plan were completed for less than a month, and also other maintenance works were done in the production units.

According to the production plan for this year, branch “Processing” in Kolubara should take 12.164.000 tons of coal from open pits Field “D” and Field “B”. From that, 8.718.000 will be sent to TENT for the electricity production and to Thermal power plant “Kolubara” 2.282.000 tons.

550.000 dry coal were assigned for retail sales and distribution.

After finished overhauls, regular dynamics of coal delivery to the thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla” in Obrenovac and “Kolubara” in Veliki Crljeni is ensured.

In “Kolubara” was also completed earlier the overhaul of “Rodent 7” on Field “D”, and rotor excavator, known as “Blue bird”, was returned in production after three days of functional trials.

Overhaul completion of one of the most powerful pit machine in “Kolubara” also indicated end of all investment repairs on “Kolubara” coal systems that were planned for this year.


Source: RBK

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