Serbia mining: Lece gold mine tailing damn collapses and polluted local river

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Several thousand of cubic meters of overburden and water with pollutants spilled into Jablanica river after the dam broke at the mine Lece near the village Gazdara.

With the help of heavy machinery the workers from the mine managed to repair the dam and stop the overburden to endanger tenths of households.

The overburden from the ore of lead, zinc, gold and silver containing poisonous matter first flooded the floatation units and then it spilled into Jablanica river.

The villagers from Gazdara near the dam had to leave their homes for a couple of hours and go to their neighbor’s houses that are on top of the hill.

In the flotation unit of Lece mine the overburden is gathered in nine mini lakes. The part of the dam that broke is located in the highest part of the largest lake.

The mine Lece was in the ownership of Farmakom from Šabac and after bankruptcy nine months ago the state gave the management of the mine to the company Life Stone Capital from Dubai.

There are 400 miners employed at the mine.

The scope of damage done to the flotation unit and flora and fauna in the river Jablanica will be estimated in the next two days, transmits

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