Serbia mining: Lignite mine “Kolubara”, State of catastrophe

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Damage from floods in the Mining Basin “Kolubara” is estimated at least 100 million euros, says PM Vucic. Situation is as state of disaster. In “Kolubara” two open pits are completely flooded and virtually turned into a lake, while the other two pits are partially under water.Currently a levee is building on the river Kolubara, which is necessary in order to start rehabilitation of open pits . Miners need pumps and drinking water. Kolubara lignite mines produces 70% of Serbian coal supplying the TPPs which are producing more than 50% of Serbian electricity.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said at a session of the National Headquarters for Emergency Situations in Belgrade that by defense on the Sava River near TPP “Nikola Tesla” in Obrenovac was avoided damage between 500 and 600 million euros that would have caused by units’ shutdown.
“Thanks to the Slovenian pumps and incredible efforts of people, we were able to defend TENT, which would cost the citizens about 600 million euros,” Vucic said.
He said that it was necessary to work on renewal of pit mines MB “Kolubara” so that Serbia would not have to import electricity.
“On a daily basis that cost would be between 500,000 and one million euros, if we can’t deliver coal (from RB Kolubara) to TENT,” Vucic said.
TENT is supplying from the coal mines, which produces about 50 percent of the electricity for the Serbian market, and mines where coal produces two-thirds of Kolubara, were flooded.
Vucic said that Serbia was buying electricity at a low price because of help of the Republic of Srpska and Montenegro, but there were local retailers that offered electricity at a price two or three times higher wanting to “earn on the misery of the people.”
The Prime Minister said that the dealers offering electricity at a cost of 80 euros per megawatt hour at time when Serbia was buying the 35 and 36 euros per megawatt hour from the Republic of Srpska and Montenegro.
Vucic said that in Serbia were not power cuts and power supply was provided.
It is possible starting production in TENT A
Minister of Mines and Energy Aleksandar Antic said that without power are about 7,700 households, plus Obrenovac which is under water.

He said that there is a possibility that today in the afternoon start production in TENT and Kolubara.
Antic said that in 15 hours would be held a meeting where would be discussed about starting production, adding: “Today we may be able to activate TENT A”.
He said that they would need the help and co-ordination with the Ministry of Transport and the Serbian Railways.
Antic said that regarding Kostolac we responded well, but the risk would be treated to the end.
“Kostolac” smoothly produces electricity
Director of the thermal power plant and mine “Kostolac” Dragan Jovanovic said the day before that the company was producing power smoothly, adding that they were doing all necessary in order to prevent water to come to their facilities.
“Not for a moment our production is stopped. All our machinery and people are working on the construction of the levee to prevent water comes into the power plant,” Jovanovic said for television “Pink”.
The Mlava river which flooded this morning, broke the levee and flooded the village workers Drmno.
“We evacuate people who live in the vicinity of TPP and provide them accommodation in a sports hall in Kostolac,” Jovanovic said.