Serbia mining: Lithium and copper attracts new investors, Chinese Bitek to explore mining potentials

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The foreigners show the most interest for exploration of gold, lithium, boron, copper and accompanying metals deposits. Discovered significant quantities of mineral reserves of gold and copper in Timocka Krajina. Many foreign companies are interested in geological exploration, especially in lithium deposits, which there is at most in Jadar and western Serbia.

– This is a serious development opportunity of Serbia and we do not have the right not to use it in the best possible way. This country is on the best possible way to move ahead through this branch and to employ a significant number of new people in the Serbian mines – said Milan Bacevic, Minister of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning .

The minister stressed that the state did not have money for researches, but there were the companies that had and wanted to invest it. On that occasion, he announced that the government would sign soon an agreement with the Chinese state company “Bitek resources” with whose representatives he met. Companies “Rio Tinto” and “Avala resources” are present in Serbia for several years through already.

Bacevic explained that this was a collaboration that would not produce obligation, but scientific and technological cooperation between the Serbian Geological Survey and Geological Survey of China.

– We want that natural resources that are undiscovered, and lie in the earth bowels we use in the function of our economy development. Our intention is that the natural resources of our country also be processed in Serbia, because in that way we can develop the processing technology – said Bacevic.

Minister reminded that he made ​​a new law drafting on mining and geological research, which provided a better ambience for investment in Serbia, adding that there were also a lot of foreign companies who were interested to enter into strategic partnership.

In the past year, the Ministry issued a total of 51 approvals for geological minerals exploration and 78 approvals for hydrogeological researches.

The most interest was, he said, for exploration of gold, lithium and boron, copper and accompanying metals, and financial investment in geological exploration amounted to 6, 6 million EUR.

The minister promised that he would push for a better labor- law position of miners and that in cooperation with other ministries would work on solving their problems.

Source; Serbia Energy/Ministry Mining