Serbia mining: Loznica hopes to open jadarite mine

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Since 2004, when „Rio Tinto” company found a yardarit near Loznica, a mineral that our country is so far unique in the world, is talking about the potential opening of the mine and the benefits that the local community would have from it, but also the whole Serbia. Opening of the mine would give the momentum of economic activity and increase employment in Loznica region, says Dejan Stalovic, assistant of mayor of Loznica.

The greatest hope still lie in the opening of the mine. The project is currently undergoing a feasibility study, and if sustainability is confirmed – the start of production is planned in 2023.

“Rio Tinto” says that it is important to note that the process from the discovery of some ore to the opening of the mine is long-lasting and complex and that it lasts for a minimum of 10 to 15 years.

Assistant of Mayor of Loznica Dejan Stalovic points out that the current cooperation between the city and the company was very good and that coordinators for collaboration have existed for several years now, and all the agreements and conclusions are being implemented within the stipulated deadlines.

“We are pleased that special attention is paid to the highest global standards in the field of environmental protection and safety aspects at work,” said Stalovic.

In addition to exploitation of ore, the city management also expects to open a space for opening a factory where a semi-finished products or a final products will be created.

“In this way, long-term and sustainable benefits will be achieved for the Republic of Serbia and the city of Loznica, the momentum of economic activity will increase, and employment will increase in our region,” Stalovic said.

If project “Jadar” implemented, it will be able to satisfy ten percent of the world’s demand for lithium, and so far $ 90 million has been invested in investigative actions.