Serbia mining: Majdanpek, the mine of the future, expects seven million tons of copper

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In the next few days Copper Mine Majdanpek will get new equipment and it will begin a new stage of development based on ore deposits of “South Mining District”, which should increase the level of processing to seven million tons of ore per year, said Branislav Tomic, Manager of the Mine.

In his statement for Tanjug, Tomic pointed out that the future of mining in Majdanpek in the coming decades will be based on the ore deposits of this district, and that the removal of tens of thousands tons of overburden will be speeded up with the new equipment.

“Deposits stripping  at “South Mining District” will be intensified with the new equipment, which has been provided owing to the support of the Government of Serbia. With six trucks of 220 tons capacity, excavator, drilling machine and bulldozer the plans will be achieved more quickly. In the first quarter copper concentrate production has increased by 17 percent compared to the same period last year,” said Tomic.

According to Tomic, Copper Mine Majdanpek can achieve the greatest profit for RTB Bor because the ore has a higher content of copper and gold, and both metals now have a good price.

“Therefore, the strategic task of RTB Bor is to develop South Mining District by planning, designing and technically, and afterwards the “North Mining District”, and to achieve a reserve of 370 million tons of ore as soon as possible,” said Tomic.

He adds that two of six trucks, one excavator, drilling machine and one bulldozer are expected to arrive in Majdanpek in the following days.

The basis of rehabilitation and profitable operation of the Copper Mine Majdanpek is based on the estimated ore reserves in the reconstructed “South Mining District” which, in addition to 834 thousand tons of copper, contain 47 tons of gold and 348 tons of silver, said Tomic.

The development of mining works at the “South Mining District” is defined in six phases, and the “Andesite Finger”, as the first phase is already underway.

The second phase is the “East 1” where the works have not progressed due to difficulties with equipment.

It includes the continuation of overburden removal that began before 2000, and implies 45 million tons of total excavation.

Out of which there is 14.5 million tons of ore with the average copper content of 0.43 percent, and stripping ratio 2.164.

Stating that the beginning of the year in the Copper Mine Majdanpek has been difficult for employees due to unfavorable weather conditions, Tomic said, that taking into account January, February and March, the excavation of copper is greater by 17 percent compared to last year, which represents the quarterly output of 3,611 tons of copper concentrate, with related amounts of silver and gold.

According to him, during this year the Copper Mine Majdanpek should increase the level of processing to seven million tons of ore per year, and on monthly production to exceed two thousand tons of copper concentrate, with corresponding amounts of gold and silver.