Serbia mining market: Metallic mineral deposits of the easter region of Bor metallogenic zone

25. June 2012. / News Serbia Energy


The Bor-Srednjegorie zone extends from Lilieci-Linbcova and Bozovici in the north (Romania), over Bor (Serbia) to Burgas (Bulgaria), extending through the Black sea and Tracia into Turkey. It is over 600 km long and from 0.5 km in the north to 80 km wide in its eastern sector.

In Serbia, the Bor-Srednegorie metallogenic zone (Bor metallogenic zone s.s.) is associated with a rift-graben environment, where volcano-intrusive complexes were developed, with a predominance of polygenic volcanic rocks of central type development. Copper and gold are the dominant metals in the Bor metallogenic zone. Current estimated measured and indicated mineral resources (reserves of theA, B and C1 category according to the Serbian classification) are 1090 Mt @ 0.38% Cu, 0.14 g/t Au (4145 Mt Cu, 153 t Au). They are accompanied by Fe (sulphide, oxide) and Pb-Zn, Mo, sporadically PGE, and exceptionally Mn. The most prominent types of metallic mineral deposits of the Bor ore zone are:

– Porphyry copper/molybdenum deposits /PCM/ (subtypes: PCM hosted by multistage composite plutonic granitoid complex /type: Valja Str

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