Serbia mining: Metso Minerals delivers new grinder crusher to copper company Bor

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New “HP6” grinder has the capacity of 500 to 800 tons of ore per hour, depending on the grain size.  Improves the safety of grinding, increases the capacity of this part of the process, as well as the per hour capacity of flotation mills, with much lower power consumption.

Another new “HP6” crusher arrived to the Copper Mine Majdanpek in order to eliminate the “bottleneck” with its capacity at the stage of grinding ore and to improve safety. At the same time, the per hour capacity of flotation mills will increase, which is all a part of the current story about the increase of the ore processing capacity from 3.5 to 6, or 8.5 and 11 million tons per year. New “HP6” crusher from the reknown manufacturer “Metso minerals” is designed with a capacity of 500 to 800 tons per hour, depending on the granulate it gives. Technical characteristics provide that 80 percent of the product is smaller than 14 mm, or that the granulate (after passing through the net) is 12.5 mm. This improves the safety of grinding and creates conditions for increasing the per hour capacity of the mills and all this with much lower power consumption, in both the grinding and the flotation processing.

-New “HP6” crusher is in the phase of functional testing under the supervision of “Metso Minerals” – says Aleksandar Mitov, mechanical maintenance manager. Together with Veroljub Petrovic from the same plant he was responsible for the installation and setup. – People from Mechanical Maintenance of Grinding completed the installation before the deadline. The workers from the flotation with supervisor Slavisa Mijucić helped also. Despite the icy week and temperatures that descended to minus 20, first, second and third shift operated continuously and prepared all the stages necessary for the grinder to be installed, as well as the additional elements: feeder and screen. People from Production Services of RBM, with the head manager Nedeljko Čavić helped and finished in time the part designed by the Construction Bureau so that Production Services were ready for the assembly in due time. The metal detector was placed, so the grinder was ready for testing under the supervision of engineers.

This second “HP6” crusher will allow for the grinding not to be a “critical point” for the substantial increase in production and processing of six and 8.5 million tons of ore annually.

-A “HP6” crusher can process 600 tons of ore per hour. Two will enable the processing of 1,200 tons, and since with them we have four “Simons” grinders, the desired level of processing capacity will not be an issue – emphasizes Mitov. – In addition to bigger capacity, “HP6” grinders give smoother, finer granulates than “Simons” grinders. Therefore, in the further flotation processing less normative materials are consumed, primarily electricity, which is good for the overall economy of operation.

With this number of tertiary grinders, the grinding system is completed in the Copper Mine Majdanpek. The first “HP6” crusher has already shown good results, as confirmed by analysis, especially in terms of capacity, more uniform granulates, less power consumption and other advantages. Two new ones – more than a million euros worth grinders- will enable the grinding unit to do more with lower electricity consumption, and the quality of granulates with “HP6” crusher is visible to the naked eye, transmits

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