Serbia mining: This mineral is new gold and Serbia can be the leader in export

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Investments in Serbia in the exploration of ore deposits in 2017 amounted to about 60 million euros, and currently there are 130 exploratory and 220 exploitation fields.

This was stated by the Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antić.

“Mining in the territory of Serbia has a very long tradition, and because of its mineral potential, Serbia has always been an attractive area for investment in mining and geological exploration,” Antić told on a mining conference in the Balkans organized by the British Embassy trade missions in Belgrade.
At a gathering attended by representatives of 20 British mining companies, Antić estimated that a favorable environment for the arrival of foreign investors was created by the adoption of the modern Law on Mining and Geological Exploration at the end of 2015.

“One of the main indicators of the increase in investments in the mining sector are the two geological exploration projects carried out by the world’s leading companies in this field, such as the RIO TINTO – Jadar lithium research project and NEVSUN – the project of copper and gold research, Cukar Peki, said the minister Antić.

He said that, according to Rio Tinto, about $ 90m was invested in the Jadar project so far, and that by opening the “Jadar” mine, it would create a potential to supply 10% of the global demand for lithium – which would position Serbia as one of the leading suppliers of important minerals in the world.