Serbia mining: Mining assessments of lithium proven in west Serbia, Rio Tinto leads the way

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In the past years, the greatest interest has been shown for exploration of gold, lithium and boron ore, and also of copper ore, that contains gold and molybdenum. Researches of these mineral resources are performed at about 80 research areas.

Besides the metal ores exploration, in the past years also were approved oil and gas exploration on the whole territory of Serbia, but also geological researches in the west part of Kostolac coal basin, and Sjenica basin.

– For the first time were approved the researches of rare states (RZ-from group of the lanthanides) and sepiolits, as non-traditional mineral resources. At the same time, in the past two years, researches of technical building stone were stagnated – says Minister Bacevic.

In Serbia, under the current approvals, five companies with foreign founding capital currently conduct geological researches of boron and lithium.

– Lithium geological researches are currently done at 25 research areas, mainly in the western and central Serbia. Within the “Jadar” project, which is a priority of “Rio Tinto” company, the extraordinarily important result in the lithium and boron research was achieved, which importance can be compared with the discovery of the Bor mine – said Minister Bacevic.

In fact, many foreign companies came to Serbia to explore ore deposits, especially gold after 2000. Those that were marked as the best soon gave up, because of the corruption. The world giants lost on the tenders for exploration rights, which got the anonymous companies that came to the “discovery” using expensive research documents that was funded by Serbia for decades. Practically, they traded by treasured archives with the state secret status and blackmailed serious investors trying to resell them the state resource – research area.

Source; Serbia Energy mining desk/Ministry of Mining