Serbia mining: New copper reserves sites confirmed in Bor copper mining holding

29. July 2013. / Mining

Geologists of Mining company Bor have discovered new mining site in the Valley of Uja River at the deepest point so far. Drilling geologists work on at the moment will be two km deep what will exceed current record of 1.650m. That means that geologists are close to the biggest copper site near Bor by using the latest research methods on big depths.
These results are achieved with the latest research drillers that RTB Bor has invested 5 million dollars in, during the last two years. “Research forecasts are indicating that this is periphery of the new site and we expect to enter the center of the site”, Trajca Toncic, Director of Geology Researches, says.
This geologist from RTB has found the richest copper in Bor ever with his cooperators couple of years ago.Two years’ exploitation of T mine that is named after it, MSB achieved clear income of 40 million dollars in two years.
All drillings are controlled by the latest sensor devices. “We have all went through the training for geo-drillers and we are all professionally capable for this job”, geo-driller Dusko Stefanovic says.
Sector of research represents a main site for continual mineral procession with big copper content for copper combine.
“I have to say that MSB has mineral growth, if this can be said that way with 350 million tons and we have already achieved a billion and 42 million tons. That means that we have discovered new minerals more than we have exploited them and that there is a perspective for MSB and for Bor”, Blagoje Spaskovski, Managing Director of MSB Bor said.
Except for geology drillings, laboratory confirmation of justification is required for opening of the new mine.

Source; RTB/Serbia Energy mining desk

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