Serbia mining: No money for “Cerovo 2”

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Why was copper mine “Cerovo” closed for the second time? The work for the opening of the new mine was supposed to begin in 2014.

OPENED in 2011, during the campaign for the election of the President of Serbia, the copper mine “Cerovo”, from the Mining and Smelting Basin (RTB) “Bor”, stopped working. In the written response we received from the Copper Mine Bor (RBB), it was stated that this mine was extinguished because there was no longer any ore for exploitation. Also, for the same reason, it was close in 2002.

According to the Copper Mines, according to the planned dynamics, the works fot the opening of the new surface mine “Cerovo 2” should start in 2014.

– Opening of the new surface mine “Cerovo 2” has not yet come, – stated in RBB. – The reason for this is that the owners of the land on which a new mine should be opened is unhappy with the price that RTB can offer them in order to purchase their property.

In public, the re-opening of “Cerova” was considered a political decision, aimed at gaining the votes of voters. RTB General Director Blagoje Spaskovski , back in the days, publicly supported Boris Tadic, DS candidate for the president of Serbia.

– “Cerovo” was opened in 1991 and it worked until 2002, – stated in RBB. – During that period, 121,713 tons of copper were obtained from here. “Cerovo” was reopened in 2011 and, until closing, which took place on October 31, additional 25,873 tons of red metal were produced.

The written reply also states that at the time of the closure in Cerov, 66 employees were employed.

– None of the workers were left without jobs, but they were moved to other facilities – it says in the answer. – There are about ten workers in the “Cerov”.


A few years ago, it was almost agreed that RTB and Glenkor, a multinational company based in Switzerland, opene the mine “Cerovo 2”. “Glenkor” would invest 140 million euros, and RTB introduced raw materials in the joint venture, as well as that employees were employed there. The realization of this work did not occur , even the announcement was made, , and the public has remained to this day for the answer why “Cerovo 2” is not open.