Serbia mining: Procurement tenders for new mining equipment in Mining Basin Kolubara

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In the designing, manufacture, installation and reception of ECS system on the Field “C” there are no major problems or delays with respect to the term-plan. – The project of management by the coal quality will be a major challenge, because it is necessary to completely change the employees’ awareness, in order to accept how important it is everyone’s responsibility for quality.

The team meeting for the project implementation of “The environment Improvement  in EPS and MB “Kolubara” was held in early November, where representatives of EPS, ” Kolubara ” and consulting firms discussed on the current project status . Frank Straub, in the name of the consulting company RWE RE, was speaking on the status of project’ part which is funded by the EBRD. This is the project “A”, which includes design, manufacture, installation and acceptance of ECS system on the Field “C “. Straub said that this project had no major problems or delays with respect to the term-plan , and also that signed contracts with contractors  ” Thyssen – Krupp ” , ” Kopex ” , ” Sandvik” and ” Montoprojekt ” entered into force .

Basic engineering for this project’ packages is coming to an end. In the discussion on the current project status, Dobrivoje Stefanovic, project manager from MB “Kolubara”, pointed out that all requirements for the technological improvements of equipment were considered and implemented with a high level of performers’ cooperation. Contractors for the equipment used on the Field “C” initiated the extension of the equipment sub suppliers’ list, and EPS and MB “Kolubara” representatives agreed with this proposal.

Stephen Uhlemann was speaking on the project’ part which is funded by KfW loan, on behalf of the consultants, consortium “MIBRAG, RWE RE”. Funds from this loan’ part (the project “B” and “C”) will be used for the design, construction and installation of the spreader for open pit mine “Tamnava West Field” and  also for the equipment purchase and installation for coal quality management.

According to Stephen Uhlemann, due to many reasons related to the contract, the implementation of these projects has been delayed and it may be difficult to fit it in the term-plan. The consultants’ representative pointed out that the most important was to start immediately the training on the coal quality and homogeneity management. The plan is to start training in January 2014th, and EPS and MB “Kolubara” work on a proposal for a training time schedule and qualification structure for the staff training in consultation with the consultant. It was particularly pointed out that the project of coal quality management would be a big challenge, because it was necessary to completely change the employees’ awareness, in order to accept how important it was everyone’s responsibility for quality.

Team Leader for the project implementation, Dejan Ostojic, said that the tenders publication for the spreader’ supply was expected later this month, while the tender for the management system of the coal quality was in the internal EPS procedure and it has been working on the documentation completing.
Realization of the first “green” project in MB ” Kolubara” , entitled ” Environment Improvement in the Kolubara coal basin “, is the largest investment in the past decades. The project’ value of 181 MEUR has been financed by loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( EBRD ) with 80 million , the German Development Bank ( KfW) with 74 million and own funds of” Serbia Power Utility Company” of 28 MEUR. According to the projected dynamics, the implementation will take three and a half years.

Source; Serbia Energy mining/RBK

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