Serbia mining: Resavica coal mine to be developed further with new equipment

15. August 2013. / Mining

Ministry of Energy Zorana Mihajlovic announced consolidation plan of PE Resavica, whose goal is to preserve all work positions and efficient operations of all mines.

“The goal is that Resavica stably operates and business, without state and subventions help. In the past few years unsuccessful programs were made, because no one truly engaged on Resavica and this area”, said Minister in the national conference on underground coal mining.

“My mission and also goal of the ministry is to ensure that all employers who work in Resavica remain in their work positions”, said Mihajlovic.

She said that Resavica was Serbian paradigm, because “through difficult situation in which Resavica is, we can also see Serbian state, which has huge potentials, but it is necessary to make a few important steps in order to use them”.

Mihajlovic said that the goal was to provide funds for equipment to PE Resavica, as well as new investments and that company soon started with work.

She said that it was necessary that all mines within PE Resavica system had to be linked on thermal power plants, both on those that already existed and those that would be constructed, in order that final product in form of energy provided extra  income to Resavica.

Minister called all conference participants to give their suggestions for consolidation plan, because as she said, it was necessary the teamwork of ministry, as well as trade unions and mine management.

In the Brown Coal Mine Rembas in Resavica, Ministry participated to the opening of Forth Unit of the pit Ravna reka, in which it was invested 3, 5 million EUR.

After opening and tour of the pit, Mihajlovic said that annual income from the coal exploration in the new pit, when it reached its full capacities, would be 20 percent higher from the initial investment.

She said that according the plan, there would be need for 250 new employers by 2020.

“The preparation was made and here the coal will be get, and people will work. This region can move forward”, said Mihajlovic.

Director of Public Enterprise for underground coal exploration Resavica, Vladan Miloasevic said that in this year it is expected month production of about 1. 500 tons of coal in this pit.

“In the next year will be produced 5.000 tons per month, and when full exploited capacity would be reached, 8.000 tons will be produced per month, namely 100.000 tons per year”, he said.

Works on Forth unit of pit Ravna Reka, were started in 2008.

There are interested investors

The Minister said that there are investors interested in a strategic partnership in Resavica. “We have to find partners and we talk about that”, she said.

Mihajlovic added that the priorities are Stavalj and Despotovac constructions and stressed that the partners from the Czech Republic are interested in it, while investors from Poland are interested in projects financing.

Source: Serbia Energy/MERZ

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