Serbia mining: Srbija nickel faces opposition from local community

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The Mayor of Trstenik, Miroslav Aleksic, says that Minister Milan Bacevic is trying  “from a position of strength and power” to destroy the central Serbia.

Aleksic says that Bacevic does not provide arguments why it is allowed to “Srbija nikl” to conduct research of nickel ore for the purpose of exploitation.

Aleksic said in a statement that Bacevic is constantly avoiding answers to questions related to the exploration and mining of nickel.

Aleksic asked the Minister Bacevic why he ignores the decision of the Municipal Assembly to ban any exploration and exploitation activities on the territory of Trstenik.

The statement claims that Bacevic is avoiding to deal with local government officials and experts and to have open discussion on this topic.

“Who is behind the company ‘Srbija nikl’ and whose interests they protect? Why they do research if we are all aware of the damage and losses during the exploitation of nickel ore” asked Municipality Trstenik.

The municipality will seek to examine how is the right on the research extended to ‘Srbija nikl’.

Minister Bacevic said this morning in Radio-Television Serbia that the nickel research in the territory Trstenik does not harm the environment and that it is performed by “exactly the same process” as an exploration of water.

Asked whether the company “Serbia nickel”, which received permission to explore the land from the respective Ministry, has the right to exploit nickel, the minister said that it would have that right, “if the results are such that it makes sense to engage in exploitation”.

Source; Serbia Energy/Agencies

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