Serbia mining: Villagers from Brezjak are afraid of eviction due to the opening of the Rio Tinto lithium mine

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After the signing of the memorandum of understanding regarding the further development of the project „Jadar” between the Government of Serbia and “Rio Tinto”, in the villages of the sailing basin, many were applauding the announcement of the opening of the mines, while there are also those who are trembling with fear if they have to leave their property.

The locals are fairly grateful to the experts of “Rio Tinta” because they were always concerned about their safety when searching for wells in search of jadarite. However, families in Brezjaka are scared for their future, because about 40 houses should be evicted. According to the locals, the construction of the entrance to the mining window is planned.

– They came, but they were not detailed, did not give a specific term for the eviction – says the Brezjanac citizen and adds that nobody said how they would be intended and how much money they could get to leave the property acquired from knees to the knee.

Dragan Tomic, President of the Council of the Brezjeko, claims that everyone receives adequate compensation.

– No one has yet got a solution to the eviction, the Jadar project managers are regularly conducting interviews with the locals and I am quite sure that those who will have to leave their property will receive adequate compensation. It is not easy to leave the house and the land you have for decades, but, as I expect, everyone will be paid at least 300 percent of the estimated value of the capital they own – Tomic explains, adding that the works were intensified in their studio and new drills who need to dig new wells.

The project “Jadar”, which company “Rio Tinto” develops in Serbia, relates to the development of deposits of lithium and borates of the world class, and if realized, the mine will be able to satisfy a large part of the world’s demand. The opening of the mine and the beginning of production are expected in 2023.