Serbia mining;Codelco Chile interested in copper foundry in Bor

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Representatives of Mining Company “Codelco” from Chile are interested in increase of copper company MSB Bor’s new foundry capacities.

“There was some talking about eventual capacity increase of new metallurgy aggregate from 80 thousand tons of copper yearly to 100 thousand to 110 thousand tons”, spokeswoman of MSB, Gorica Toncev Vasilic reported.

Managing Director of MSB, Blagoje Spaskovski confirmed that Bor’s Company is interested in expanding capacities this way, but decision about this should be made by Serbian Government.

He explained that capacity of this new pirometallurgy facility which MSB constructs is possible to increase if projected quality of copper concentrate with 22% to increase to 26 to28%.

“We couldn’t do differently because all equipment for new foundry has already arrived in Bor”, Spaskovski said.

According to his words, Codelco is interested in that part of concentrate produces in Bor’s surroundings is being processed in new foundry but they are ready to help basin in finding the most economical technology of mining site “Borska reka” excavation.

“Codelco improves technology of excavation of such sites at the moment and it is, according to their words, much cheaper than block-caving method. Therefore, we are very interested for cooperation with them in this area”, Spaskovski said.

Codelco is one of the most powerful world mining companies.

Source; Serbia Energy mining desk/RTB

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