Serbia mining:Copper company “Bor” invests 25MEUR in electrical modernizaton of facility

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Mining and Smelting Complex “Bor” has invested 25 million euros in new technology, reconstruction and expansion of one of the most important plant for processing copper flotation in “The Great Krivelj”, which enables the whole manufacturing process is now being monitored and regulated electronically and by using cameras.

Due to cost savings for reagents and electricity and capacity expansion, it is expected to return money within five years.

– To purchase equipment from the company “Meco Minerals” it was set aside 17 million euros, and the total cost of the project is 25 million euros. This investment allows us to cut costs, especially of electricity, and we also increased the amount and quality of the copper concentrate for the new smelter, so when we’re done we will have a fully automated reconstruction process – stated manager of flotation “Veliki Krivelj” Vesna Pavlov.

More than 90% of work is completed, the capacity has increased from eight to ten and a half million tons of crude ore a year, and when all jobs are completed, the capacity should reach the planned 18 million tons of ore.

Electronic control process is introduced, and from the control room it is possible to monitor and regulate production by using cameras.

The cameras are directed into the chamber flotation machines, and from the control board we can precisely see the appearance of the copper foam, whether flotation machine ejects more or less material, and on this basis to regulate the level of machine and reagents to use. In this way it is much easier to properly lead the whole technological process – explained Pavlov.

Source; Serbia Energy Mining desk/RTB

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