Serbia mining:Freeport Mcmoran copper concession site has 200MT with high copper presence in minerals

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Copper sites near Bor that are being researched by mining giant “Freeport McMoran” are, according to all recent informations, very rich because they have significantly higher copper percentage in minerals than existing ones.

American mining giant “Freeport McMoran: discovered copper sites that vary from 0,81 up to 10,16% of copper in mineral by former investigations near Bor, contained in “Cukara Peki projekt”.

Mineral that have 0,4% of copper in mineral is being exploited in MSB Bor at the moment. According to scientific data, sites with 1% of red metal are considered as very profitable. According to unofficial information, this site has 200 million tons of mineral at least.

If this fact is correct, Americans found a site which is possible to provide 8 million tons of red metal. Around 5 million tons of copper has been provided in Bor in 110 years of mining work in this area.

However, the final decision for opening of the mine has to go through several more years. “Freeport” has produced 1,6 million tons of copper only during the last year what puts him in the top of copper world producers, next to Chilean “Kodelko”.

Source; Serbia Energy mining desk

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