Serbia mining;Kolubara mines company, annual overhauls on open pit field Tamnava west, ready for the winter conditions

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By the completion of annual investment overhaul of the two overburden systems of the OPM “Tamnava West Field”, the preparation of the machinery for the operation during the winter conditions was over.

For the first time a regular annual overhaul of the II ECS system was performed. The works lasted from 25th of July until 20th of August, while the First overburden system overhaul started on 22nd August, and was over on 17th of September.

II overburden system during the whole year worked with the capacity engagement of 30% above planned, and after the investment overhaul it is expected to continue in the same way, on which Mr. Goran Tomić, technical director of the OPM said:
There were no major problems during the overhaul. However, we had a problem in early December, when the gear of the slewing drive gearbox broke . We worked for three days with the 50% capacity, i.e. with one gearbox, but “Metal” performed the repair and put  also the other gearbox back to the order.

Mr. Tomić pointed out that it is very important for this system to operate with full capacity because it is necessary to open enough quantities of coal timely for the future period.
On the older overburden system of this OPM, the annual overhaul was shorted from 30 to 25 days because of the lack of the spare parts. In order to provide the best possible operational readiness of the equipment for the winter, all the works that have not been done during the overhaul, will be completed in ten days of  November.

Mr. Milomir Ivanković, the Head of Mechanical department, informed us that on the BWE “Glodar 2000” operation ropes had been replaced, cams on the three slewing drive gearboxes, two BC gearboxes, while two slewing drive gearboxes underwent the regeneration in “Metal”. Other more and less complicated jobs were also done.

Source; RBK

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