Serbia mining:Kolubara mines company, investment activities in processing plant, Sedimentation tank protects the ecosystem

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By relying on our own forces in completing construction works, we have made savings of twenty million dinars (RSD). All the procedures on keeping safe underground watercourses were observed.

The construction of a new sedimentation tank for depositing ash and slag from the Heating Plant of the Branch “Processing” is one of the scheduled investment tasks for this part of the Mining Basin “Kolubara” for this year.

According to the procedures, activities related to geodetic surveys and geological explorations of the site chosen for this facility were completed prior to the start of project documentation development. The experts of the “Processing Plant” had to determine the most optimal geometry for the sedimentation tank in a very narrow space bounded by end slope of the north side of Field ”D”, the service road and turning station of the ropeway, whereby taking into account the terrain stability. The development of the project documentation was entrusted to the Branch “Project”, and the new sedimentation tank, unlike the old one, will have a drainage system for the deposited material.

In order to minimize the costs, at the same time with the project development activities, the earthworks were performed in the cooperation with “Processing Plant” and the Branch “Open Pit Mines”, whose machinery was engaged in this important and comprehensive job.

The earthworks have been completed after two months of intensive activities, so the final contours of the new sedimentation tank have become visible.

– It is my pleasure to say that the great efforts we had put in completing these works were rewarded by savings of RSD 20 million – said for our journal Mr. Novica Momcilovic, the Head of the Development and Investment Sector in the Branch “Processing Plant”, and particularly praised the construction group which managed to finish the job successfully in spite of facing everyday difficulties and volatile weather conditions. He also emphasized that the Investment Sector of the “Processing Plant” started for the first time in its history such a challenging job as it had to hire mining machinery and independently complete all the works.

In the next period, according to the EIA Study, the sedimentation tank will be coated with appropriate foil of high density in order to avoid penetration of leakage water into the underground watercourses. The foil that was made on the basis of the experience in work with the first two sedimentation tanks and necessary measurements performed, provided complete safety by preventing any change in the regime of underground water system.

It shall be also selected a contractor for craft works to build the collector and install the foil and drainage pipes with filter material, lay supply pipes and exhausts, as well as to connect the collector with the pump station tank. Completion of the works on the sedimentation tank means that one more step towards achieving secure and qualitative operation of the Heating Plant is made.

Source; RBK


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