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Development of design documents for three mining projects for the open pit mines of “Kolubara” in progress

All designers and technicians of the Branch “Projekt”, which employs more than 100 workers, are currently fully engaged working on different tasks in the Mining Basin “Kolubara”.  The Branch director, Mr. Zoran Ilić, grad.min.eng, talks about the “Projekt” activities:

–    As for the technical documentation, development of design documents for the mining projects regarding ECS system of the OPM “Veliki Crljeni” is in progress, as well as of the Field “D” in the northwestern part, the external dumpsite of the First ESC system of the Field “C” and the Main design of the OPM Field “G”.

Apart from mining, the “Projekt” experts also perform designing for electrical engineering projects. That say, they are currently developing the technical projects to relocate a section of the transmission line 35 KV “Mine 5” and “Mine 6”, transformer station “new” 35/6 KV, as well as projects for relocating transmission line 35 KV “East 1”, “East 2” and “East 3”. The technical design of the transformer station “Radljevo” 35/20/6 KV has been completed recently.

For the purposes of the Branch “Processing”, it has been worked on the Technical mining project for the construction of the new cassette for the ash and slag disposal for the Heating Plant.

Within the Main mining design of the industrial and infrastructural facilities for the OPM Field “E”, the “Project” experts have completed 17 projects. In preparation of this document all the available services that include architectural, construction, geological, electrical and mechanical were engaged. Development of the Main design for relocation of the part of the road Baroševac-Zeoke-Medoševac and fire station at the North main road in Lazarevac, has started.

Among different projects, the designers currently work on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study of the coal preparation plants, as well as on Program of measures to mitigate the environmental impact of the OPM Field “C” and “Tamnava-West Field”.
Following the adoption of the Low on Environment protection and Law on Assessment of the Environmental Impact, the scope and complexity of works of the employees have been increased. Since 2008 nine EIA studies and two Waste Management plans have been developed successfully for the purposes of the Mining Basin “Kolubara”. “Project” engineers expect to obtain a license for developing Fire protection projects under the new Regulations, which will further enhance the business reputation of this part of MB “Kolubara”.
Mr. Zoran Ilić points out that “Projekt” is the only organization which by preparation of the main, additional and simplified mining designs ensures the successful operation of the open pit mines of “Kolubara”.

–  About the significance of our branch speaks the fact that about 40 engineers and 30 technicians are maximally engaged in developing numerous documents for the purposes of MB “Kolubara”. Considering that the average age of the employees was 44 years at some point, we can proudly say that the young engineers are coming who will certainly continue the successful path of their colleagues- says Mr. Ilić, who has recently become the head of “Projekt”.

Source; RBK

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