Serbia mining:Kolubara mining company, Relocation of the road section

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At the Open pit mine “Tamnava-West Field”, the works have been continued on the final final relocation of the regional road Radljevo-Skobalj since 1st August. If these activities are not completed by the end of the year, the First overburden system will stop operating.

Ground works on the relocation have started last year and have been performed by the mine employees so that the significant financial funds could be saved. These works were continued on 1st August this year, and the contractor is “Kolubara- Građevinar”, who made the most favorable bid at the tender. The deadline for completion of the works is 135 days.

Three and a half up to four kilometers of the road will be relocated to the southern area out of the mine. At the same time, water supply network will be relocated.

Source; RBK

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