Serbia mining:On the edge of Kolubara open pit mines, water supply for 8,000 consumers

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The Medosevac waterworks provides eastern part of the basin and nearby villages with supply of drinking water. The water quality among the best in the greater area of Belgrade

Apart from the main activities that include production, processing and enrichment of coal, Mining Basin “Kolubara” performs other activities of a vital importance for the population of this region. The obvious example for that is Waterworks “Medosevac”, which operates within the unit “Auxiliary Machinery”. i.e. within the Branch “Open Pit Mines”. The Waterworks was built in the year 1958 in order to supply the mining settlement Rudovci with drinking water. The number of drinking water consumers has been growing during the years, so it currently reaches the number of 8,000 consumers.

The Main Supervisor of the “Waterworks”, Mr. Milisa Musicki says that this number of consumers get water from the systems of Medosevac and Junkovac. Open pit mines Field “D” and Field “B”, Auxiliary Machinery, Center for professional activities in Barosevac as well as all industrial facilities and mining settlements at the edge of the open pits are supplied with this drinking water. The villages supplied with the water include: Medosevac, Zeoke, Barosevac, Mali Crljeni, Rudovci and Junkovac. Further elaborating on the details, Mr. Musicki said:

– To be able to provide enough water quantities for all consumers, the waterworks is consisted of five operating plants. The first plant that is situated in Medosevac has capacity of 25 l per sec., and has been operating without major problems since the very beginning, although having an outdated technology. The second Plant is a mobile one that was renewed in the year 2010, with a capacity of 10 l per sec. which is equal to that of the plant that was put in the operation at the end of the last year. The Plant “Nova Montaza” processes raw water from the source Zeoke. It was built in the year 2007 and its maximum capacity is 15 l per sec. The Plant in Junkovac of the capacity 10 l per sec dates to the year 1958. The water is distributed to the consumers through primary and secondary pipeline of total length 35 km.

There are four water sources used for this purpose and they include: Medosevac, Zeoke, Junkovac and Arapovac. Within these resources 17 wells were bored. The best resource is considered to be in Medosevac. Mr. Musicki emphasizes that the report of the Institute for health protection of the City of Belgrade put this water in line with the best ones in the greater area of Belgrade when it comes to water quality.

– These results are evident thanks to our intern Laboratory which takes care of our water quality by performing physical and chemical analyses of water on daily basis. The Institute for public health protection of the City of Belgrade also takes the water samples two times a month. Apart from these chemical and physical analyses, residual chlorine state is controlled hourly. In the last year alone, 2,888 analyses were conducted in this laboratory, – emphasized our dialog partner.

In the last year, the water production was impressive, with the waterworks plants of Medosevac leading the production with 1,046,330I cubic meters, “Nova Montaza” came second with 403,597 produced, while Junkovac plant contributed with 258,832 cubic meters of water. The forecast for this year production based on all indicators suggest that the results will be even better, given the output of Waterworks “Medosevac” that managed to produce over million cubic meters in the first half of the year.

– Taking into account the number of water consumers and the quantity of the water produced, we have to point out that according to some European standards we produce four times more water than needed. Although we have enough quantity of processed water, our consumers need to use it rationally. For the smooth water production and non-disturbed distribution we should also thank to our maintenance service with the small number of workers who continue to give their best – says Musicki, adding that the help received from other services of “Auxiliary Machinery” and a good cooperation with Public Utility Company “Lazarevac” are very important for them.

The reconstruction of the old water pipeline from Medosevac to Barosevac is planned for the next period, but depending on the dynamics of open pit mines expansion.

Although Waterworks “Medosevac” is completely ready for the summer season, all consumers are asked to use water rationally in order to avoid restrictions.

Source; RBK

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