Serbia mining:Sience in the service of selective coal excavation in Mining Basin “Kolubara”

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Experts of Mining and Geology Faculty of Belgrade and MB “Kolubara” identified and got the scientific community familiar with the methodology in the selection of excavators for the future mine “Radljevo “, where the coal will be excavated selectively for the first time.

At the VI International Conference  “Coal 2013 ” , which was held on 2nd  to 3rd October, at Zlatibor , the experts of Mining and Geology Faculty in Belgrade and  MB “Kolubara”,  prof . Dr. Vladimir Pavlović, Prof. Dragan Ignjatović, Saša Stepanović and Branko Petrović, presented their papers on the methodology of selection of the excavator for the selective coal exploitation.

Analyzing the technical and technological capabilities and structure characteristics of the vital parts of the so-called standard and compact bucket wheel excavators, prominent experts came to the conclusion that the compact giant colossi of shorter service life were somewhat cheaper when purchased, but the cost of their maintenance was much higher.

Interestingly, compact excavators when digging coal make 20 percent higher production costs on average than conventional excavators. Technical and economic  analysis showed that the selective operation of grade B excavators in terms of technology,  have certain advantages over the so-called compact excavators for the working conditions that exist in the OPM “Radljevo”.  In fact, this mine differs from other mines by very large stratification of coal and the need for selective operation. It is planned to perform selective coal mining and interburden excavation by means of five grade B excavators. Hereby, we have in mind the experience in the operation of grade B excavators in Tamnava mines and the necessity of unification of mining equipment .

Source; RBK

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