Serbia: Ministry of energy to speed up RES investments, improvement of legal framework

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Serbia will manage to accomplish the EU goal that by 2020 it will produce 27% of electricity from renewable energy sources, claim the Ministry of energy. On the other hand the investors in RES think that if the investments into RES power generation keep this slow pace the accomplishment of this goal will not be possible and that Serbia will have to pay the penalties. Investors in RES are not in line with Ministry opinion and are discretely angry with the velocity of their RES investments.

According to the RES investors out of required 1.092MW of green kwh Serbia only developed the 89MW power gen facility.

The investors also remind that reaching this obligatory goal of 27% of green energy will also depend from energy efficiency and reduction of overall production. In the case of increased consumption the quantity for which Serbia has to get from green energy will also increase.

Ministry of Energy representative Predrag Milanovic explained that Serbia back in 2009 from RES used to get 21,2% of overall production and added that the ministry is dedicated to reach the 27% green energy by 2020. He stated that the ministry is continuously working on improvement of investment environment.

Ministry is preparing additional benefits for energy investors specially in RES and announced the changes in energy law by fall 2014 and then adjustments with sub legal documents and arranging of area of bio fuels and biomass.

He added that the feed in tariffs for RES electricity since this march increased for 1,2% because of the adjustments with annual inflation.

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