Serbia: MK Fintel Wind commissioned Kosava wind farm

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MK Fintel Wind has officially commissioned Kosava 1 wind farm near Vrsac, the third and largest wind farm in its portfolio. The company already operates two smaller wind farms in Serbia – Kula and La Piccolina.

Kosava 1 wind farm has 20 wind turbines with total installed capacity of 69 MW. The value of the project was 118 million euros and its construction started two years ago. CEO of MK Fintel Wind Tiziano Giovannetti said that the second phase of the project, known as Kosava 2, which envisages installation of additional 15 wind turbines, has already started. He stressed that current feed-in tariff scheme allowed the construction of this wind farm, but the company‟s future projects will no longer need any incentives from the state, thus announcing the construction of the largest onshore wind farm in Europe, which should be built near Sombor.

Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antic welcomed the new investment in renewable energy, adding that the new plant will have up to 600 MW of installed capacity. It is expected that the construction will start in 2-3 year and it should be commissioned in 5 to 6 years. He also reminded that wind farm Kovacica was put in operation last week and another large-scale wind farm – Cibuk 1 should be operational soon.

MK Fintel Wind, a joint venture between Serbian MK Group and Fintel Energija is currently developing the project for the construction of 117 MW Kosava wind farm near Vrsac. In November 2015, it has commissioned 9.9 MW wind farm near Kula, which is the first such facility in Serbia. It has three 178 meters high wind turbines, expected annual electricity generation of 27 GWh, while the value of the investment was around 15 million euros, while 6.6 MW La Piccolina wind farm near Vrsac was commissioned in October 2016. After the completion of Kosava wind farm, MK Fintel Wind will operate a total of 133 MW in wind power.

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