Serbia: “MK-Fintel Wind” received building permits for wind farms in Veliko Gradiste

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Italian-Serbian company for renewable energy, “MK-Fintel Wind” obtained Planning permission for wind-power plants of total capacity of 30 megawatts (MW) in the municipality of Veliko Gradiste, from the Serbian authorities, announced Italian company “Fintel Energia Group”.

According to the statement, permits were issued for wind-parks in locations “RAM”, “Dunav 1” and “Dunav 2”, and they, according to Serbian law, entitle the holder to obtain a building permit within 90 days.

In order to finance the project, which includes capital expenditures of approximately 45 MEUR, “Fintel Energjia” has signed a series of preliminary agreements with leading international banks, it was added in the statement.

The project consists of nine wind turbines, each with power of 3.3 MW, which turbine supplier will build on a “turnkey”. He will be obligated to guarantee the production of energy in the first eight years.

Source; Serbia Energy

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