Serbia: Modernization and overhaul cycle in power utility EPS HPPs

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In accordance with financial capacity power utility EPS „Eлeктрoприврeдa Србиje“ realized a set of projects within the investment cycle for modernization of hydro power plants capacities.

Considering hydro sector of EPS is a complex system with large number of aggregates the cycle was planned and realized with great attention to system balance stated Dejan Ostojic director of sector for maintance of existing hydro plants in EPS.

The purpose of the modernization of existing equipment was the increase of operational life of the power gen equipment which will affect the increase of overall production.

Within the subsidiary Drimsko-Limske power plants, modernization and overhaul was completed in HPP Bajina Basta which is the the biggest Drina river hydro power gen capacity. Complete overhaul was completed in January 2015 in accordance with the contract. Overhaul of this HPP is important due to the output capacity of 1.5 billion kwh. Efficiency of the plant was increased and costs of maintenance will be lower due to the new installed modern technology.

HPP Zvornik overhaul just started, the agregates of this HPP are the oldest in EPS power gen fleet. Contract was signed with Voith Hydro for the modernization of 4 units and EPS expects the start of works in September. The last unit should be overhauled and connected to the grid in October 2019.

Subsidiary company Limske HPP already have ongoing minor overhauls and ongoing project documentation preparation for overhaul of HPP Bistrica. EPS plans to sign the contract with future supplier latest October 2017.

In Djerdap HPPs subsidiary company there is an ongoing overhaul cycle with Russian company Sylovie Masini. HPP Djerdap 1 overhaul works on unit 6 was completed in 2011 while the overhaul of unit 4 was completed in 2013. Unit 5 overhaul was completed beginning of 2015. Increased production was achieved with this overhaul cycle with great realiability factor. Overhauled units are being monitored in order to follow up on some potential details which were overlooked during the overhaul project. EPS plans the next overhaul of unit 1 in Djerdap HPP and expects all works to be completed until September 2016.

EPS is planning to start the preparation for the overhaul in Djerdap 2 HPP, the facility which is in operation for 30 years and which is quite complex. EPS plans to start the overhaul in 2022. , transmits