Serbia: MVM plans to build a biomass boilers in Serbia

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EPS, MVM and Klaster Ecopanonia start cooperation in Serbia

Hungarian Power Utility Company MVM plans to build biomass boilers for district heating in Serbia, RTS reports. Therefore, it opens its representative office in Novi Sad, and it got familiar the representatives of Serbian Power Utility Company with plans. Klaster “Ecopanonia” from Novi Sad has collaborated for many years with MVM.

As say in Klaster, the cooperation is more specific now, and the office will be tasked to collect information on projects using biomass for heating in Serbia. Representatives of EPS and Klaster “Ecopanonia”, thanks to colleagues from Hungary, visited the Hungary heating plant that uses wood chips as fuel. – Serbia has very good conditions for the construction of biomass heating plants – said Joszef Kunos from MVM. “We will start researches in order to build the plant, which will use herbaceous as fuel, primarily corn”, he said. As they say in EPS, using the Hungarian counterparts, Serbia could start building a biomass boiler for district heating with power of 20 MW for a year.

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