Serbia: Who needs a expensive green electricity

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By sticking to the fact that the share of clean energy in total production is 27 percent, our country actually gives priority to importing expensive technology and using a less efficient way of producing electricity from the wind or the sun.

Whether the ambitious plans of the European Union that require Serbia to receive 27 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2020 can justify putting their hands in pockets to citizens, who will pay it several times more expensive than they do today, when 70 percent of electricity is from coal products. Electricity of households thus obtained is on average about 6.5 Eurocenters, while green kilowatts obtained from wind farms charge 9.2 cents, from small hydropower plants from 5.9 to 12.40 euro, from biomass from 8.22 to 13.2, from biogas from 6.9 to 15.66, and from solar plants 20.6 euros.

On the other hand, the effects of the bird and bats life on the construction of wind farms are already visible. Certain protection organizations identified a large number of dead origins, geese, swans and eagles. That is precisely why they are constantly warning about the harmful effects of using wind power and appealing to those who build windmills to lift them out of protected environments.

Disturbing sounds of turning the helmets on high wind turbines, the lack of sunlight, and the noise itself during their work, are just some of the reasons that already affect the bad mood, as well as the depression of the inhabitants who live in the vicinity of wind farms for a long time. Therefore, it is no wonder that the developed coastal countries built them today miles away from the coast, in the open sea, which, unfortunately, Serbia doesn’t have it.

Why our country, instead of all this, if it already has to follow the European trends, would not use the new five billion cubic meters of gas that should be coming from Russia annually for the construction of gas power plants. Some would say that such a delivery is not certain, as Serbia is heavily dependent on Russian gas imports. But also, many would agree that not every single day blow such strong and “profitable” winds, and there is not much sunshine for solar panels.

So, a sparrow in the hand or a pigeon at the branch? Production of cheap coal from Serbia or expensive, with the help of import components, with a special note that modern desulphurization filters in thermal power plants, already is in Serbia, are fully compliant with all European ecological requirements.

While this year, the current Minister of Energy Aleksandar Antic has opened several new wind farms, from Kula and Vrsac to Alibunar, showing that Serbia is becoming a country of green energy and announcing that by 2020 we will have about 600 megawatts of electricity from renewable energy sources, Aleksandar Vucic, After the affair “Vetropark” involving the sister of former minister Kori Udovicki, the president of Serbia asks why the truth is true of the people.

– Why does not someone tell the citizens that they need to double the green electricity to make investors earn. The more we postpone it, and we will have to accept it once, because this is a condition of the EU, it is a clean sevap for our country. The later they come, it’s better for us. What you do not say, and you all know it, but you tell the people of fairy tales – Vucic asked.

The fact is that all citizens have already paid a fee for stimulating renewable energy through an electricity bill for a long time. It’s the expenses of all of us who are encouraging the production of this energy from wind, solar, biomass, biogas … All that money goes to a special account with which this electricity is paid.

This fund in which funds go up grow proportionately to the production of this electricity, and some estimates show that by 2020, citizens will pay around RSD 400 for this purpose.

By agreeing to all this, and by the fact that we have accepted to increase the share of green energy to 27 percent, we accidentally or deliberately give priority to importing foreign wind farm technology, on the one hand, and using a less efficient way of producing wind or solar power, with on the other hand, all with one single common goal – to drastically increase electricity in Serbia. Especially at a time when the IMF does not request for the first time from Serbia electricity to be more expensive.

Prof. Dr Slobodan Ruzic, former adviser to the Minister of Energy, says that pioneering steps have been made in our area in the field of renewable energy sources, probably the smallest in Europe and absolutely insufficient.

– No wind, no water, not all other renewable resources we have together cannot replace coal. Reversed thesis is made public by those who do not know enough about energy or those who are paid to make it, and neither, nor others, are unaware or do not care about possible consequences. The next 20, and probably 30 years, coal must remain the basis of our electric power. During this time, we must use everything that we can from renewable sources – the potential of wind, water, biomass and the sun, which will certainly lead to an increase in electricity, “says Ruzic.

The other side of the big elves

Research and testing where and under what conditions can windfalls take place is extremely long, due to the ecological conditions in which bird fluctuations, environmental threats, wind speed … Experts point to possible increased depression of residents near wind parks due to noise and vibration, and the change of the ecosystem as birds starve, blind mice …