Serbia: New electricity prices for households and industrial consumers

8. August 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Serbian energy regulator approved recent increases of electricity prices in Serbia by an average of 10.9 percent for households and 12.8 percent for the economy.

After price increase, electricity price for the citizens will amount 0,053 EUR per kWh, without VAT, while for the economy it will be 0,051 EUR per kilowatt-hour.

For years the electricity price in Serbia is the lowest in the region and Europe and last price list change was more than two years ago, namely on 1. April 2011. when the electricity price increased by 15 percent.

Even after increase in electricity prices for households it will be much lower than the market price and rise in prices will not even cover inflation increase, which from the previous price increase was 14.1 percent, pointed in EPS.

In the Energy Agency that approves the electricity increase stressed that the aim was to focus the proceeds, got with costs rationalization, on quality and security increase of electricity supply.

Source; Serbia Energy

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