Serbia: New energy strategy 2030 examines planned capacity development of RES electricity

30. August 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Serbia supposes to construct capacities for electricity production from renewable energy sources of 1.800 MW until 2030 with higher use of wind, sun and biomass energy- it is planed in the Draft of the Strategy of Energy Development. The projection, according to which Serbia achieves overtaken goal for renewable sources’ participation in 2020 in total final energy consumption of 27% with use of over 50% of renewable sources’ potential, was presented in the Draft of Energy Strategy Development by 2025 with projections until 2030. The possibility of feed-in-tariff change is left in the document, as well as possibility of giving additional stimulations for production from renewable energy sources.

When it comes to capacities, Serbia planned to have installed wind plants with 300 MW capacities by 2015 and that these capacities should triple to 600 MW by 2030.

Capacities of solar plants would be increased from projected 5 MW in 2015 to 200 MW in 2030.

Serbia supposes to have capacities of biogas and biomass plants by 2020 which suppose to be from 43 to 100 MW and they would triple to 80 MW for biogas and 200 MW for biomass in 10 years.

Hydro potential remains primary renewable energy source which is being exploited and increase of HPP capacities to less than 10 MW is specially planned.

Capacities of small HPPs would increase from 42 MW in 2015 to 208 in 2020 and to 400 in 2030, and capacities of HPPs with power higher than 10 MW  from 250 MW in 2020 to 350 MW in 2030.

Serbia would have capacities of geothermal plants of 1 MW from 2020 and those capacities would increase to 5 MW in 2030.

Biogas import

It is necessary to provide biogas production between 210 and 250 thousand tons of equivalent oil by 2020 in order to achieve a goal of energy from renewable energy sources use in traffic.

Serbia does not have regulative at the moment and it does not have capacities for production of second generation biogas and deadline for achieving the goal is short and therefore biogas will need to be imported.

Biogas production in Serbia is estimated to be stimulated and estimation amounts are 100 to 120 million EUR which need to be invested in production of 200.000 tons of bioethanol.

Source; Serbia Energy/MERZ

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