Serbia new power gen facilities, coal fired power plants, project development status report

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Serbia Energy brings latest brief on lignite coal fired power plants, assessment period 2011.

In order to consider possibilities for long-term development of thermal capacities of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia, activities have been planned on preparation for the construction of new thermal power units on existing or new locations. Coal reserves available in Serbia at the Kolubara and Kostolac Mining Basins present the basis for long-term plans related to thermal power plant construction.

Plans of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia for the forthcoming period include activities on the Kolubara B TPP construction continuation (2×350 MW) and the third unit at the location of the Nikola Tesla B (700 MW)TPP, supplied with coal from the Kolubara MB. Investment analysis for the new thermal power plant construction is developed, that is unit 3 in the Kostolac B TPP, capacity 350 MW, which would be supplied with coal from the Drmno OCM. Besides, construction project of the new gas unit at the location of the Novi Sad CHP is planned, with capacity about 450 MW.

Construction & completion of the Kolubara B TPP (2×350 MW)

The Kolubara B TPP is located in the vicinity of the Kalenic village, 60 km south-west from Belgrade, at the northern side of the Tamnava Open Cast Mine.

Decision on construction of the Kolubara B CHP, capacity 2×350 MW was adopted in 1983. It was designed as the facility for combined generation of electricity and heat with the intention of heat delivery to Belgrade for its district heating system.

Preparation activities have been started in 1988 by execution of construction works, while the construction continued in accordance with available funds. Procurement of the third part of the basic equipment was contracted and mostly delivered. Initiated activities on project implementation and usage of the World Bank loan have progressed very slowly, and in the middle of 1992 due to decision of the Government and lack of funding activities were completely suspended.

By 1992, when works were suspended due to sanctions, about 40% of the facility was constructed at the site. After that, only the most essential activities have been done. As a result of the changed concept of heat supply to Belgrade, operational regime was changed, i.e. the facility will operate in condensation regime.

In the second half of the nineties the issue of construction continuation was opened again, but without major progress. In the beginning of 2000 the issue of construction continuation became topical again, summary of previous investments has been made, together with construction continuation feasibility assessment, when it was concluded that there are technical-technological solutions guaranteeing modern operating parameters in the rank of modern thermal power units.


The study which established that more than EUR 300 million has been invested so far in the construction of the Kolubara B TPP was developed in 2004, with the assessment that about EUR 550 million still need to be provided for the construction completion. Performed analysis for the construction of new generation capacities

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