Serbia: New power generation projects on hold

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There are several on-going generation projects in Serbia, but generally they are all marked with slow progress and delays. For some large projects, documentation was made 40 years ago, but due to sufficient generation in that period, there was no need for their urgent implementation. Since 1991, there were no investments in new large power plants or additional units, except modernization and extension of operational life in existing power plants.

Power utility EPS has 100% share in all large generation capacities, i.e. no joint venture agreements were made in the past, except investment with Croatian power utility HEP in one unit in TPP Nikola Tesla A. EPS planned to invest 9 billion EUR in a period from 2010-2015, but only small portion of this amount was actually invested.

Some 3.5 billion EUR were to be be provided from company’s income, 2 billion EUR would be invested by strategic partners, while 3 billion EUR would be provided from loans. Investments are aimed to support sustainable development of the company, where 1 billion EUR should be invested in ecological projects. This amount does not include investments in renewable energy sources. Some 5 billion EUR was planned to be invested for new facilities, i.e. 2.5 billion EUR for thermal capacities, 0.6 billion EUR each for hydro capacities and coalmines and 0.7 billion EUR each for new electricity meters and new distribution networks. Remaining funds would be invested in rehabilitation and renewal of existing generation capacities. However, till today, only small portion of planned funds was invested – again, mostly in maintenance of existing infrastructure.

In mid-December 2012, Minister of energy, development and natural protection Zorana Mihajlovic presented the list of priority projects in energy and environment sectors in Serbia. Overall worth of the projects is estimated at 7-12 billion euros.

The most important priority projects for electricity generation are: TPP Nikola Tesla B3 (700 MW), Radljevo coalmine, CCGT Novi Sad (450 MW), TPP Kolubara B (700 MW), pump storage plant (PSP) Djerdap 3 (1,200 MW), TPP Kostolac B3 (350 MW), TPP Novi Kovin (700 MW), HPP Velika Morava (150 MW), HPP Ibar (100 MW), HPP Middle Drina (320 MW) and TPP Stavalj (300-350 MW).

The biggest investments started by EPS in last two years are the purchase of coal mining equipment for Kolubara Coalmine (181 million euros worth), renewal of hydropower plant (HPP) Zvornik (70 million euros) and renewal of Kostolac power plants and construction of new unit in TPP Kostolac B (unit 3). Also, EPS has been preparing the feasibility study for construction of pump storage plant (PSP) Bistrica (4×170 MW).

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