Serbia: New TPP Kostolac unit construction to start 3Q 2015

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Director of the company Thermal Power Plants and Mines Kostolac Goran Horvat said today that construction of new unit B3 is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2015th, but before that Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) must pay an advance of 100 million dollars.

He stated that EPS provided the money for the job, but that the money has not been paid because of the ongoing reorganization of the public enterprises.

The new unit in thermal power plant Kostolac should be connected to the grid by 2020th, with the strength of 350 MW, and Chinese Exim Bank has provided a loan of for its construction. By this loan it will be also financed the expansion of capacities of open pit mine “Drmno” in the second phase, with nine million to 12 million tons of coal annually.

The units B1 and B2 were revitalized in the first phase of the capacities expansion of TPP Kostolac, and soon will begin the units’ desulphurization and construction of railway line to transport ore. The total works value in the first two phases was1.2 billion dollars.