Serbia: New TPP Kostolac unit financed by China loan, Maintenance impact on a quick return of investment funds

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After the capital construction of the energy facility, in the period of exploitation, it is expected, in line with previously prepared feasibility study, to return the invested funds. As the experts team of TPP Kostolac “TE -KO Kostolac” points out the manner and method of plant maintenance affect the speed of investment return.

In order to return the investment in the construction or renovation of an energy facility after a prescribed number of years after construction, the structure must be continuously improved. Maintenance cannot be reduced only at fault repairs, but daily analysis and technical improvements are necessary. In the work were enumerated several examples of how the units of TPP “Kostolac B”, after adaptation, made ​​minor technical improvements which did not require financial investment, but also contributed to the increase in production and cost reduction.

When it comes to the adaptation of unit 2 in TPP “Kostolac B” goals were: achieving of the nominal power, availability increase, working life extension, energy efficiency increase and compliance with environmental requirements. Within adaptations also were made capital repairs of turbine, auxiliary turbine plants and generator, modernization of measurement, regulation and control system, then the reconstruction of the boiler plant and the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators and power plants. According to the Feasibility Study of adaptation of Unit 2, the investment of 102MEUR, should be back in nine years, the authors note.

In this work there is an analysis of parameters coordination of devices for synchronization and turbine controller, explanation how to perform the earth-fault protection, as well as a few ways of dispenser control (a straight feeder coal).

In conclusion, the experts team said that newly built or revitalized capital energy facilities, if were unique at the time of construction, and not a replica of pre-built objects, then probably had a larger number of minor technical flaws like every prototype. That is why these deficiencies must be identified and eliminated in the first years of operation. In the case that these deficiencies be remedied in a timely manner, payback period will be longer than calculated.

Source; Serbia Energy