Serbia: NIS commissioned its 14th mini power plant

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Serbian oil company NIS, majority owned by Russian GazpromNeft, announced that it has commissioned its 14th mini cogeneration power plant in the oil and gas field of Majdan, near Novi Knezevac. The total capacity of the plant is 2.41 MW and the investment is worth 2.6 million euros.

Thus, NIS’ total investments in the construction of small power plants in Serbia reached 15 million euros, with total installed capacity of 14.5 MW, enough to cover the electricity demand of some 20,000 households. In addition, total heat output of these 14 plants amounts to 4 MW.

NIS’ Energy division has been implementing the program of efficient use of gas resources since 2013. The program is focused on construction of mini power plants, namely cogeneration modules in oil and gas fields in Serbia. These plants operate by converting gas into electric and heat power, which is an efficient and environmentally friendly method of production. The electricity produced by these power plants is delivered to the national electricity network.

Director of Energy division at NIS, Alexey Belov explained that the gas which was not used in the past and was flared due to the carbon dioxide and nitrogen content of over 50 % is now used to generate heat and electricity, thus improving the company’s efficiency. By extension, the emission of harmful gases to the atmosphere has been considerably reduced for the same reason, which stands out as a significant ecological component of this business segment.