Serbia: NIS commissioned Ostrovo CNG plant

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Serbian oil company NIS announced that it has commissioned compressed natural gas (CNG) plant at Ostrovo gas field near Pozarevac in eastern Serbia.

According to the statement from the company, NIS plans to produce 9,000 tons of CNG per year at the plant, in which construction the company has invested about 3.2 million euros and was completed in March 2017. Due to its characteristics, compressed natural gas is considered the energy source of the future, and its main ingredient is methane, which features the lowest coefficient of CO2 emission compared to all other derivatives, contributing thereby to environmental protection as an ecologically clean fuel.

Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antic said on the occasion that the gas market would expand and that consumer demand was increasing and added that such an increase could not always be accompanied by the development of quality infrastructure which could deliver the gas to industrial and other consumers. This facility is very important as it enables to meet the needs of industrial consumers without building transportation infrastructure.

CEO of NIS Kyrill Tyurdenev said in a statement that CNG is the fuel of the future, as it could replace petrol, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas, having the lowest amount of greenhouse gases. He reminded that since the opening of the first such facility in Palic in 2014, NIS had been producing and selling compressed natural gas, thereby meeting two goals – meeting the demands of the market for alternative and affordable fuel and stimulating environmental responsibility.